• Minus (2019)

    Published through Iron Circus Comics
    An incoming college student is stranded on the road when her father goes missing.

    Minus (2019)
  • Petrichor (2016)

    A jobless doctor struggles to meet the dying wishes of his former lover.
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    Petrichor (2016)
  • Life's Questions Answered (2015)

    Written by Allan Gross and Gary Smith
    The story of Randy Burton, a man who is granted the power to see the hidden secrets behind objects he touches.

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    Life's Questions Answered (2015)
  • Riley, The Albino Rhino (2016)

    Riley the rhino embraces his differences and stands up to bullying.

    Riley, The Albino Rhino (2016)
  • Ozzie, The Courageous Otter (2015)

    Written by Michele Voss
    The delightful story of a young otter who is afraid to slide down a slope into the river with friends.

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    Ozzie, The Courageous Otter (2015)
  • Reluctant Roni (in progress)

    Written & Illustrated by Lisa Naffziger
    A shy rhino girl struggles to get along with her extroverted room mate at summer camp.

    Reluctant Roni (in progress)
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